Google Earth Help

How do I get Google Earth to work? 

To use the Google Earth kmz link, you will need to have Google Earth installed on your device (computer, tablet, ipad, iphone, android or ipod.) You can find a download for your device using Google search.

The Google Earth link goes to a kmz file that contains the network information needed to find and open the OBM1000 map layers. The file is tiny and does not contain actual map data.

When you first click on the link, you should allow the kmz file to download to your computer. Depending on your browser, you will have an option to open the file. Manage your options to always open the file using Google Earth. Then, depending your your browser, activate the option to open the file. Provided you chose to always open the file with Google Earth, Google Earth will start and load the OBM1000 layers when ever you click on the link. You won't be prompted to download the file again.

The map layers are live. That means when you click the link, Google Earth will always open with the current or most recent OBM1000 maps. There are two layers for every day. A general layer with just the control locations and a route sheet layer with the entire route sheet. Turn on just the layers you need to reduce the clutter.

Why should I use Google Earth?

Dave's Top Ten Reasons to use Google Earth
  1. Tour the route and do a fly over to virtually review the route in 3D animation.
  2. Find and review the route sheet entries, warnings, controls and descriptions. 
  3. Activate a fully interactive elevation profile to measure distance, altitude, cumulative elevation gain, and the amount of climbing between route points you choose.
  4. Integrate the route locations with other information from the Google Layers such as scenic bike paths, trails, restaurants, parks, photos, panoramas, roads, videos, places and borders.
  5. Find business and fun things to do near your area of interest.
  6. View the topography from any angle.
  7. Explore the Gold Rush Bikeway (Day 3 of OBM1000 2016).
  8. Do a virtual pre-ride on your wind trainer using your home theater for your computer display while listening to Seattle's very own KEXP live, online.
  9. It's easy and fun and all the cool kids are doing it!
  10. Find all the best short cuts between control locations ;)