Spot Rider Tracking

This is a prototype Spot Tracker map for multiple riders and events. The map is intended for people would like to follow one or more riders progress along a route or several routes. The map works with computers and smart phones that have an internet connection. The map should automatically refresh every 10 minutes.

The map shows points of interest along the route as well as the Weather Underground observation closest to each rider. Clicking on the route or route markers will show an information window with marker or route details. Clicking or hovering the mouse over the rider or weather makers will show more details about the rider or current weather conditions. There is a link to the weather forecast in the weather markers information window. The rider's location also has the rider's elevation and geolocation (physical address).

Several standard Google map controls are available including zoom, street view and map type (road map, satellite or terrain). Custom controls are located along the bottom and right side of the map. You can refresh the spot feed, center the map on the selected rider (tracker), choose a route and choose a registered rider (tracker). The controls are distributed around the map for cell phone users (big fingers on tiny screens).

To open the map to a new tab, click here.

To register your Spot with the OBM1000 map tracker, click here.