Frequently Asked Questions

Oregon Blue Mountains

How do I get an editable route sheet?

An export option will be available soon.

What is the Route Sheet Setup about?

You can customize the route sheet for several items. Click on the setup link and a customization form will open in a new tab. Fill out the form and close the tab. Wait for 5-10 minutes while Google publishes the updates. The publishing frequency can depend on server demand. The route sheets will revert to the default settings between midnight and 1 am.
  • Start date (Enter date and time DD/MM/YYYY hh:mm), This will update the Close Time column so you easily determine how you are fixed for time. Not ACP OBM1000k Brevet because the brevet start time has already been determined.
  • Distance Units (Miles or Kilometers) 
  • Elevation Units (Feet or Meters)
  • Distance Totals (Total start at 0 or To Go start at end). If you are using a Garmin, the best distance metric is the Distance to Go or Distance to End. There are many reasons why your odometer might get off track causing you to have to determine offsets between your Garmin and the route sheet. Using To Go fixes that because it is the distance remaining from where you are. You can't go wrong with the To Go metric!
  • Hide/Show Columns (Elevation or Close Time). If you need a smaller route sheet you can hide one or both of these columns.
  • Font Size ( between 8 and 13 point). Got good eyes and progressive lenses, an 8 point font might be good for you but if you are a senior, you might need a little help with a 13 point font.
  • Dark Hours (To Hell and Back and OBM1000 only). This will shade the close time column in grey indicating darkness. The darkness shading depends on the start date and you can set the start date so the close times are correct on the spreadsheet. Important for planning ahead. There are less likely to be services open in the small towns as darkness sets in. An October start day will have shorter days and more darkness than a June start date. Stores in small towns may start closing earlier as the days get shorter. The shading is determined by rough approximation of between sunset and twilight. 

What is Registration?

To sign up for a permanent and get permission to ride, you have to fill out and sign a registration form. You can register for up to 5 Permanents on one form. The process goes like this:
  • Fill out the on line form. Note there are red stars next to the required fields.
  • Press the submit button at the bottom of the form.
  • Check your email. You should receive a PDF that you can print.
  • Sign the wiaver on page two.
  • Put both pages in an envelope with a check for the permanent ride fees and mail to the organizer. The mail address is on the form.
  • The organizer will mail you a permanent card that you will use to record your passage for the permanent.
  • Return the completed card to the Organizer.
  • The Organizer verifies the Permanent was properly completed and documented and submits the results to RUSA for approval.
  • Here is the registration form