Hell and Back 1200k Permanent

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This is a long challenging loop through the Oregon Blue Mountains. The route circles the Wallowa, Elkhorn and Strawberry Mountains and climbs to the Hells Canyon Overlook making this a real ride to Hell and Back. RideWithGPS estimates 55,000 feet of climbing.

RUSA Permanent rules only allow 84 hours for a 1200k permanent so be advised of this time restriction. The required minimum speed for the first 435 miles is 9.3 mph and 8.3 mph for the remaining route. Maximum times (Close times) are provided in the route sheet as well as elapsed hours for the controls.

RUSA Permanent Number

Approved Route #2884

The bronze rodeo cowboy at Joseph
The bronze cowboy at Joseph

Starting and Ending Location

Eldorado Inn
695 Campbell St
Baker City, OR 97814
1-800-537-5756 or (541) 523-6494


Services are widely spaced along this route and there are several areas where services may spaced further than 100k. Services may be available in the small towns but they are unlikely to be available later in the evening (past 20:00 hours). Unless you are passing Baker City or Pendleton, don't expect any night time services. You should plan on having everything you need like water, food and clothing for night riding.

Road conditions

The roads are normal and paved with the exception of 2 miles of gravel near Hains. The gravel is noted on the route sheet. State and County roads are generally good. Forest Service roads can be rough and some roads many have no maintenance. Forest Service road 16 between Seneca and Unity is rough.


Controls are spaced primarily to insure riders stay on, and complete, the entire route. There are 5 post card controls where riders mail a post card addressed from an identified post office. There are 7 information controls where the riders will answer a question to prove they have arrived at the control location. There are 4 timed controls. The controls at the beginning and end are timed controls where the riders need to provide a receipt to prove the start and finish time. There are 24 hour services at the start and finish in Baker City.

Several extra controls are placed in critical segments to allow ground support to resupply riders. Consider riding in a group with a ride support vehicle. Ground support from non-riders or vehicles is only allowed at the controls identified in the route sheet.


The Blue Mountains are a large eco zone in central and western Oregon and Idaho. Be prepared because temperatures can be scorching hot and hill tops can be cold. Puncture vine is present so avoid rolling your bike through roadside vegetation.

Google for nearby lodging

Overnight Controls

The recommended overnight controls are listed below. Click or double click on the list on the right to Google lodging near the towns along the route.

Pendleton - 243 miles (Day 1-243 miles)

Americas Best Value Inn
201 SW Court Ave, Pendleton, OR 9780
(541) 276-1400

Mitchell - 445 miles (Day 2-203 miles)

The Oregon Hotel
104 Main St, Mitchell, OR 97750
(541) 462-3027

Sumpter - 669 miles (Day 3-223 miles)

Sumpter Stockde
129 Austin St
Sumpter, OR 97877

Baker City - 746 miles (Day 4-77 miles)

Eldorado Inn
695 Campbell St
Baker City, OR 97814
1-800-537-5756 or (541) 523-6494